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Why Wait?

I'm not a blogger, so bear with me...

After too many years, and a lot of well-deserved pestering from friends and family, I have finally set up my own website. And the most frequent question I was asked was: Why wait?

Honestly, I had no reason to wait. I only had fear. But fear of what? Well, it's not clear. It's the same fear that fills your head when you think you've left something at home even though you've checked your bag and your pockets and your coat ten times, and you still think something's wrong. You don't know why it's there, but it is.

But now, no more! I am here with a site to promote myself and my music and not feel fear about it...or at least try!


So along with my new website, I'm going to be blogging...or at least trying. I'm hoping to have a new post every day from Monday to Friday, but who knows what'll happen. Have fun exploring the website! Why wait?


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